Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baking for Baby

A few months ago, I saw these beautiful monogrammed pink and white cookies on "Bake at 350" and they've been on my mind since then. My cousin's baby shower this past weekend gave me the perfect excuse to attempt these. I used white chocolate and white non pareils to create the B is for Baby monogram and then used regular NFSC sugar cookies and Sweetopia's royal icing recipe to do the rest. I think they came out well except for 2 problems...there wasn't enough contrast between the white polka dots and the baby pink so they don't stand out and secondly, I realized that I just can't draw a neat flower with icing. I might have to play with the icing consistency to give me a little more time to draw the outline.

Here's the melted white chocolate being piped/traced on to wax paper. I used a #2 icing tip. They were smothered in white nonpareils right after.

 Here are the finished monograms. No two are alike..sigh!

I also made a few these baby faced oreos but opted to make pink and white oreo truffles instead.

Also tried making these custom picks using a 1" circle and 1.75" flower punch. This was the first time I attempted to do these and they turned out great. Took a few hours of effort to draw the templates and glue the circles and picks but the results were worth the time. Best of all, we  had a great time celebrating with the mommy to be!

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