Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Cake!

Made for a friend's 5 year old daughter's birthday party at the dance studio. The cake is the basic WASC recipe with a tinge of citrus flavoring. The frosting is vanilla buttercream. The cutting cake has 3 layers with chocolate pudding filling.  What is WASC? WASC is short for White Almond Sour Cream cake which is a misnomer for me since this cake isn't white and there's no almond in it. Its sort of a doctored cake mix recipe which tastes almost like a scratch cake but is a reliable/stable cake. The recipe makes about 60-72 or so mini cupcakes, 36 or so regular cupcakes or  4x6 inch rounds or 3x8 inch rounds or 2x tall 9 inch rounds or 1x12inch round.

Here's the recipe from CakeCentral:

The Buttercream is American Buttercream so there are no eggs in it. 
I use SeriousCake's Buttercream recipe which makes around 6 cups or so of icing. I always have leftovers.
Here's her recipe:
I recommend watching all her videos for icing/decorating cakes, piping flowers etc. She's very very good!!

The drop flowers on the cake are made with the 2D (closed star) tip from Wilton and the rosettes on the cupcakes with the 1M (open star) tip. They're very very easy and quick to has tons of tutorials.
Everyone including me liked the look of the cake. I didn't taste the finished cake with the filling so I really hope they liked it!!


  1. Can you share what flavors of boxed cake mixes you use for the WASC cake. I tried the Golden Vanilla (Betty Crocker) with almond and lemon essence. It turned out ok but I was not too crazy for the flavors I used.

  2. Hi Ameeta
    Sorry I'm not good about checking for comments so I just noticed this question. I use Betty Crocker (or Duncan Hines) Super moist yellow cake and usually I don't experiment, so I use just vanilla extract and plain water for the liquid. I like that it doesn't taste much like a boxed cake but has a sturdy crumb and is dependable. A few times I've added a drop of fiori di sicilia extract (from the king arthur flour website) which is a citrusy vanilla flavour but thats it. One of these days, I will try adding flavored liquid like OJ or something to see what it tastes like :-)