Saturday, December 4, 2010

Biscotti 1st attempt

My 1st ever attempt at biscotti. They were chocolate vanilla biscotti for our PTA meeting (I'm on the hospitality committee) and they turned out well. Everyone who tried one said they tasted good. It wasn't very difficult to make either...I just didn't expect the baking times to be this long. Biscotti is twice baked for crunchiness which had me worried. But these turned out somwhere between soft and crunchy without being rock hard. I did not have the vanilla bean paste or the mini chocolate chips or the espresso powder called for in the recipe below but I subbed regular vanilla extract, regular chocolate chips and instant coffee powder instead.

I'm going to try a fancier biscotti recipe the next time around, with more confidence!


  1. I just made the hazelnut biscotti from this recipe.
    turned out great.
    Not wanting to make a trip to the market, i substituted hazelnuts with almonds and dried cherries with cranberries

  2. They tasted delicious! I must try this recipe soon!