Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Soccer cake

This past weekend was the last soccer game of the season and we made this cake for the after-party.
The cake was a 3 layer 1/2 vanilla, 1/2 chocolate cake, like the last Chocolate cake but the layers were alternate chocolate and vanilla so everyone would get a little of both. The filling was the chocolate buttercream that's my current favorite (from Our Best Bites) and the exterior frosting was American buttercream from Seriouscake's recipe. The soccer ball hemisphere was made out of cake scraps mixed with leftover frosting, shaped, frozen, then iced with white buttercream and covered with fondant pentagons and hexagons. Getting them to line up and fit right was a struggle..but I had help from a pair of 8 year old hands :-)
The team shirts were fondant cutouts with the writing done with Americolor food writers.


  1. Wonder how much time you took to make the soccer ball...

  2. Hi Ameeta..sorry I didnt see your comment until now. the shape was quite simple...cake scraps mixed with icing, shaped on a wax paper and frozen until firm. The fondant cutouts..hmm..lets just say I should have paid more attention when Mrs Jayaraman was teaching us geometry and spatial physics. Getting the hexagons, pentagons to line up was tough..but by son helped. Took about 30 mins I would say. :-)